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Pod Hůrkou 2103, 753 01 Hranice, Czechia

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City : Hranice

Pod Hůrkou 2103, 753 01 Hranice, Czechia
Michal Mikeš on Google

Kemp je dobrý, kousek od nádrží (až na projíždějící vlaky je vcelku tichý), ale potřeboval by menší rekonstrukci, zastavil se v čase. Kemp má dvě části, pár chatiček, dětské hřiště. V horní části je pouze jedno ohniště, dřevo lze vzít z erární hromady roští. Místní restaurace je tragédie - jen smažák, řízek, hranolky, možnost objednání pizzy ze spřátelené pizzérie a lze objednat snídani. Pán na recepci je opravdu svérázný.
The camp is good, not far from the tanks (except for passing trains, it is quite quiet), but it would need a minor reconstruction, it stopped in time. The camp has two parts, a couple of cottages, a playground. In the upper part there is only one fireplace, wood can be taken from the treasury pile grate. The local restaurant is a tragedy - just a fryer, steak, french fries, the possibility of ordering pizza from a friendly pizzeria and you can order breakfast. The gentleman at the reception is really quirky.
PlayZone Cz on Google

Sirius Black on Google

Super kemp! Klidek a pohoda!
Serafín Brunik on Google

Super kemp i personal

Peaceful place
Victor van Kempen on Google

Probably an acceptable choice if you speak Czech, but if you don't I wouldn't go here. The people working here don't speak any other language, which I can understand, but they also barely try to help. They are slow, stubborn, and uncooperative. Zero hospitality is an absolute turnoff. When we left they tried to charge us extra but luckily we noticed. The sanitary facilities were ok, but pretty old. We are not staying here again
Rick van der Breggen on Google

If you do not speak Czech, I'd really advice not to go here. They don't speak any language besides Czech, and they won't even try to communicate. It was horrible to let them know what we wanted. Camping itself wasn't that bad, not special either.
Reelika Lume on Google

Google should have opening hours and the yard should have better sign. We were there at 23.15 and maps directed us behind the park to a hill with dead end. So we were tired and dissapointed. Spending the night at a gas station.

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