Kutná Hora, Sedlec, kostnice

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284 03 Kutná Hora, Czechia

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City : Kutná Hora

284 03 Kutná Hora, Czechia
Romana Minaříková on Google

Станислав Василык on Google

Стоит посмотреть
Worth a look
Martin Nekarda on Google

Jedna se o neobvykly a hluboky zazitek co se tyka Sedlece. Samotnou Kutnou Horu hodnotim welmi kladne. Starobylost mista na navstevnika dycha od pocatku do konce.
This is an unusual and profound experience of Sedlec. I very much evaluate Kutná Hora itself. The antiquity of the place of the visitor breathes from beginning to end.

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